Storm Damage

Storm Damage

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Not all roof damage is the same. As such, not all roof repairs are the same either. Storm damage can have different people requiring different types of roof repairs. As an experienced roofing company we have seen the varying demands of roof repairs as a result of storm damage.

You might have lost a few tiles or maybe looking at a roof completely ripped apart. Our company has experienced roofers who are well versed in every kind of storm damage repair. 

At Taylor Roofs, we are capable of providing all kinds of storm damage repairs for your roof. Our expansive expertise and experience guarantees that you will have your roof back as good as it was before the storm came (or better). We are always happy to provide our expert knowledge to assist with insurance claims with regards to storm damage.

At Taylor Roofs, we will come out to your property to assess the damage and give you our recommendations as well as an affordable fixed quote. Before we begin the roof repairs, we conduct a thorough analysis of the storm damage. We then walk you through the process so you are comfortable with the way we restore your roof.